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Seeing Nature (Doors)

Connemara Land Conservancy As resident artist, in situ 3 acre installation. Up for 3-month viewing season, then removed to protect the land. Locally salvaged doors and locally ubiquitous fence posts. On 80 acres of protected former ranch land that is … Continue reading

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Seeing Nature (Fruit)

Seeing Nature series references ecofeminist Susan Griffin’s poem that says, in part:  “We are nature, Seeing Nature, with a concept of Nature.” Detail from 1+acre, 1 year installation for “Domestic Nature” exhibition at Paradise Ridge Sculpture Grove. Salvaged, painted auto tires; black … Continue reading

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Power Towers II

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J Curve

“J curve” is the scientific term of an overpopulation graph.  Roller coaster curves of up and down cycles depict normal growth changes.  “J” depicts unbridled upward growth. Emerging from bottom tires, living plants symbolize regenerative strength of nature. Materials: local … Continue reading

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Inside the Wave

Collaboration with Suzanne Girot, documentary filmmaker and fiber sculptor.  Commissioned by CA State University, San Jose, for its campus gallery, by art historian Patricia Sanders. Built entirely of debris collected from San Jose salvage yards–especially Silicon Valley computer industry detritus. … Continue reading

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Power Towers I

Trees breaking through debris show regenerative power of nature. Used shopping carts, indigenous live trees, salvaged computer parts, stones or rubble. 1994 “Spatial Politics” exhibit, Contract Design Center sculpture court (4 months). 1994-95 Oakland Museum of CA sculpture garden (9 months).

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2 of 3 piece installation, TRASH exhibit, Southern Exposure. Collection Systems: Salvaged 2x4s frame “treasures”–car hoods, coral, pods, keyboards, glass cups, souvenir rocks in baggies, damn construction polaroids, rusted metal pans, hung limbs, palm frond, magnolia.  Art critic David Bonetti:  “It … Continue reading

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Dump Residency

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Judah Magnes Museum temporary commission. Sukkoh is temporary ritual shelter mimics those built at fields during harvest.  Roof must be open to view the heavens so one sees one is part of greater universe.  Altar is old suitcases filled with … Continue reading

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Time Tunnel

Entrance “tunnel” to multipart 20’x30′ room installation.  Collaboration with painter Judith Foosaner. for Kala Institute’s “Seeing Time” exhibit. Hundreds of international newspapers, in myriad languages, hand stapled on wood frame.

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