Muir’s Moraines

Yountville CA | 2011

Inspired by John Muir’s memoirs, this is a metaphorical geological meditation on  his life. Precarious ladders are mountains; rusty mattress springs an ancient ocean floor;  ancient live plants in an aquarium are Sierra wetlands.  Outside, solo sculpture Stream marks Museum entrance.   Curated by Jennifer Garden 

The geographic biography:

1.  HOMESTEAD –Cart, ladder, sod, rope.

2.  FOOTHILLS–Cart, quartz, gravel, grates, magnolia branches

3.   ANCIENT SEA–Mattress springs, dried sea plants, copper pipes

4.  GLACIAL WETLANDCarts, detritus, quartz, aquarium, horsetails (ancient species)

5.    THE MIDWEST–Bed frames, grates, burl, springs, sewer cover, sod

6.  THE CAMP SITE–Pallet, pans, buckets, chairs, jars, detritus, rolling table, water.

7.    THE WELL AS DEEP AS A MOUNTAIN–Ladder, roof shingles, sod, bucket, quartz, water, bungee cords, metal connectors, wood

8.    HALF DOME-Sawhorses, grate, springs, cement, scale, roots, bottles, water, moss, packing crate.

STREAM–outside sentinel. 50+ salvaged bike wheels, antique farm wheel, old shop cart, river stones, formerly at the Oakland Museum of CA as Cartwheels.