River Hopes & Dreams

San Francisco CA | 1992

Permanent 3-acre eco-sculpture garden at San Francisco’s waste management company, NORCAL Sanitary Fill Company, now known as Recology.

Reclamation project of collected-on-site salvage, concrete and drought tolerant plants. Done while one of Recology’s first Artist in Residence.

“Mountain” is homage to San Bruno Mountain’s contested open space (visible immediately to the West): built with Loma Prieta earthquake rubble from freeways and homes; and embedded with native plants that grew to cover it.  From the mountain flows a “river” of drawings by 75 local high school students of future “hopes and dreams” (result of artist’s collaboration with the school art teacher).

Cast stepping stones – some made by plant staff & families – set with personal “memory” salvage collected on site and/or brought from their homes.

Garden is a popular site for student tours (+/-2,500 per year); exhibitions and permanent display of subsequent artists in residence work; and staff gatherings.