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EOE — EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EATING PERSONAL  HISTORY OF POP UP FARMS, 1993-2009 Photograph documentation of seven “Pop Up” community participatory farm/garden projects from  1993-2009.  In place of standard gallery wall text, and new to this exhibit is freshly improvised wall … Continue reading

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Straw Bale Farm

STRAW BALE FARM is an ecological social sculpture–a participatory, highly visible, public artwork–designed to demonstrate Permaculture and DYI ways to grow fresh food with little land at low cost. The artist installed a straw bale sculpture reminiscent of a beneficial … Continue reading

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Wild Apples 4 Jo

This raised bed orchard is a memorial to Jo Hanson (1918-2007)– to her life, work, and generous spirit.  A pioneering force in San Francisco Bay Area’s environmental and feminist art movements, Jo was known for many roles–the performance artist sweeping … Continue reading

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A TEMPORAL PAINTING OF DISAPPEARING RESOURCES This is an improvisational painting made directly onto the gallery wall with water based paints mixed with topsoil and pond water collected nearby.  At the end of the exhibit, as a performance, the work … Continue reading

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Urban Defense

A demonstration raised bed permaculture installation, URBAN DEFENSE metaphorically refers to U.S. Pentagon’s military strength and the historic values in its Philadelphia site.  Politically and economically, it gives equal civic weight to ecologically grown local food. Permaculture systems mimic nature’s … Continue reading

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Sweet Survival

Sweet Survival, a site specific work, honors a prominent Sonoma County crop that has succeeded over millennia, largely due to sweetness.  On the Museum grounds, five commercially grafted apple trees, mulched with pink quartz, are surrounded by nitrogen fixing wintergreens … Continue reading

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I. Gardens 4 All

Commissioned for Elbinsel Sommer, Kultur/Natur, 2008. GARDENS FOR ALL IN THREE PARTS Designed on site, and implemented over a three week residency, three interconnected art actions supplemented and reflected on each other:  I. a temporary garden in public space, II. … Continue reading

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II. Gardens 4 All

PART II:   KITCHEN TABLE DIPLOMACY Installation: The “home as commons”–an old kitchen table, chairs, a chest with jars of seeds; plants in baskets, drawers and plastic travel bags. Stage: gallery outdoor patio. Performance: Culture/Nature opening day, a grand garden tasting … Continue reading

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III. Gardens 4 All

PART III.  PERMANENT GARDEN In direct vicinity to the temporary garden near the Wilhelmsburg rapid transit station, Steinman, together with the Intercultural Garden, organized a planting action on a raised flower bed that is part of the city greens.  Together … Continue reading

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I. Land + Water

BENEATH LAND + WATER — a project for Elkhorn City KY Created and directed by Suzanne Lacy, Susan Leibovitz Steinman, Yutaka Kobayashi Presented here in three sections: I. Prelude:  what we found upon arrival in 2000.  The physical beauty (mountains, rivers, … Continue reading

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