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II. Land + Water

WORKING TOGETHER — ENGAGING COMMUNITY APPALACHIAN SAYING: “THE RIVERS MAKE THE MOUNTAINS, THE MOUNTAINS MAKE THE PEOPLE.” Traditionally active in unions, politics and churches, area residents readily supported the project. Almost everyone in town joined in the tile painting—more than … Continue reading

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III. Land + Water

III. WHAT WE LEFT ELKHORN CITY RIVERWALK:  THE BLUE LINE TRAIL A CIRCULAR WALKING TRAIL knits the natural and built environments, connecting the riverfront to Main Street and the town. Striking graphics, signs & signature walls were painted vivid blue with … Continue reading

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I. National Park Service

Collaboration with eco-artist Jackie Brookner. Three separate but related projects, designed to address the issues and environment unique to each of the three sites. HOQUARTEN INTERPRETIVE TRAIL The Hoquarten Slough once served as a water route to Tillamook, Oregon, for … Continue reading

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II. National Park Service

CLARK’S CREEK GREENWAY Clark’s Creek in Puyallup. Washington is a two-mile long waterway that emerges from underground artesian springs and flows to its confluence with the Puyallup River. Puyallup is a suburban area in the greater Puget Sound region about … Continue reading

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III. National Park Service

INDIAN CREEK DAYLIGHTING PROJECT Located near Boise, in Caldwell, Idaho, Indian Creek flows through farmlands, rural communities, and under downtown Caldwell. The Indian Creek Daylighting Project will uncover and restore a 900-foot stretch of the creek, capped and piped since … Continue reading

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Nurture Nature

Geumgang Nature Art Biennale, Korea NURTURE NATURE:  Ecology = Study of Home An improvisational eco installation, designed on site to place and community. Here is a FOREST KITCHEN where we feed Nature and Nature feeds us.  A PATH OF STORIES … Continue reading

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One Straw Revolution

Three month installation, “Ecovention” exhibit, Contemporary Art Center, Cincinnati, Ohio, in downtown Federal Reserve Bank Plaza. Curators: Amy Lipton and Sue Spaid. Demonstration biointensive organic garden built with local volunteers, using local salvage, organic plants, soil. Harvested food was given … Continue reading

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Gardens 2 Go

Prototype community organic food garden of portable sculptural raised beds demonstrates how to grow healthy food with little money and less land—critical to ecologically and economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. Collaboration with West Oakland Neighbors. Built of clean recycled or inexpensive familiar … Continue reading

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Mandela Artscape

Symbol of positive urban regeneration on new-found but degraded open space where the 1989 earthquake collapsed an elevated freeway tragically killing motorists. Project involved unique multi-group collaboration of West Oakland residents and community groups, Caltrans (land owner), City of Oakland, … Continue reading

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CA Ave CA Native

CALIFORNIA AVE, CALIFORNIA NATIVE A permanent installation for the  City of Palo Alto,  recreates a native grassland meadow in the entry median to a popular neighborhood shopping street.  It is a reminder of how the land looked prior to the founding … Continue reading

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